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How do I earn Disney Movie Insiders Points?

What is Disney Movie Insiders?

What is new to the Disney Movie Insiders program?

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How do I earn points for getting Premier Access to "Mulan" on Disney+?

How do I contact support for Disney+?

How do I reschedule my Studio Tour?

I didn't receive points for my digital movie purchase

Why did I get an "Unknown Code!" error?

How do I upload my movie ticket(s)?

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How do I enter a code?

My code insert is missing

I'm getting an error when I enter my code

How many points are codes worth?

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How many points can I earn for "Mulan" on Disney+?

How do I submit proof of purchase for "Mulan" on Disney+?

I didn’t receive points for my purchase of "Mulan" on Disney+

Do all Disney digital movies qualify for Disney Movie Insiders points?

How do I redeem my points?

Will my points expire?

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When can I expect to receive my reward?

How do I track the shipping status of my reward?

Where can I find the rewards?

The reward that I want is not available

How do I reschedule my Studio Tour?

I've redeemed my points for a reward, what happens next?

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Why can't I link my account?

I can't log into my account

What happened to my points?

How do I close my account?

What is the benefit of linking my Disney Movie Insiders account to MOVIES ANYWHERE?

How do I link my account to MOVIES ANYWHERE?

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Which browsers are best supported on the site?

What are the minimum requirements?

What devices are supported?

App freezes, crashes or doesn't launch

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